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Message from the Chair


On behalf of the Governors, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Federation of Snape and Thornton Watlass Schools.  The Governing Body works hard to support the head teacher, teaching staff and pupils with the aim of ensuring the Federation is the best it can be.


Membership of the Governing Body is made up of parents, staff, representatives of the community, the Diocese and the Local Authority.  On an ongoing basis, we all work together to ensure the Federation continues to improve in every aspect possible, delivering strategic leadership to ensure that we can plan for and carry out continuing improvements for the benefit of the children.


I am personally very proud of the behaviour and attitude to learning of our pupils, which is often commented on by visitors and in OFSTED reports.  We feel extremely privileged to be part of the life of the Federation and appreciate the active and enthusiastic role parents play, both in the development and growth of the children, and through the fundraising activities of the Friends of School.


If you would like to contact the Governing body, please get in touch via the school office, by emailing


Joanna Swiers


Governors & Responsibilities


Our governing body is currently made up of 11 members (maximum 13), representing the local authority (appointed by North Yorkshire County Council), the Diocese (appointed by the Church of England), parents (elected from the parents, by the parents) and members of school staff (elected from the staff, by the staff).  The governors have a general responsibility for the effective management of the school, acting within the framework set by legislation, in order to provide the best possible education for the children.


The day-to-day management lies in the hands of our head teacher and her team of staff.  We always act in the best interests of the school and the children.  If you are interested in becoming a governor, then please feel free to talk to members of the current governing body.


The head teacher and the ex-officio have an ongoing term of office.  All remaining governors serve a four-year term of office before needing to seek re-election or re-appointment.


Governor meetings are generally held twice a term.


Together, the Governors are responsible for:


• Setting aims and targets for the school and checking the school’s progress towards attaining these.


• Monitoring how well the school’s policies and plans are working.


• Accounting for the performance of the school and the Governing Body.


• Working with the Headteacher to make sure that teaching at school is effective, good quality and the children are making the best possible progress, including development of a robust curriculum.


• Taking general responsibility for the school and its budget.


• Challenging and supporting the senior management team and taking opportunities to show interest in and appreciation of staff and pupils.


• Promoting the interests of the school and its pupils in the wider community.


Type of




Term End










Richard Corner



01/09/2017 31/08/2021 -

Chair, Thornton Watlass Parish Council

Trustee, Bedale Hall

None 33%



Parent 14/06/2020 13/06/2024 Finance, Pupil Premium None None 50%



Foundation 16/07/2020 15/07/2024 H&S, English None Runs The Buck Inn (provides catering / functions for staff and parents) 78%



Co-Opted 17/09/2020 16/09/2024 History, Geography, Computing, PE, Sport Premium None Head Coach, HARC (provides after-school club) n/a
Karen McLeod Staff 17/01/2019 16/01/2023 - None None 67%



Co-Opted 10/05/2019 09/05/2023

Vice Chair, Safeguarding,

Educational Visits

None None 78%
Janet Pentelow Co-Opted 01/07/2017 30/06/2021 SEND None None 89%
Charlotte Rudd Parent 18/09/2018 17/09/2023 Maths, Collective Worship & RE (Church Distinctiveness), SRE, PHSE, Music None None 78%
Joanna Swiers Co-Opted 10/05/2019 09/05/2023 Chair, EYFS, Art & DT None None 100%
Jane Wood Executive Head 01/09/2019 n/a - None None 89%
Sarah Wood Co-Opted 03/09/2017 02/09/2021 Science, French None None 78%