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Art and Design

Inspire • Enrich • Enjoy • Succeed


Our aim through our Art and Design Curriculum is to instil an appreciation and enjoyment of learning the visual arts, exposing children to a range of visual, tactile and sensory experiences, which enable them to communicate what they see and feel. Through experiencing the arts, children develop their creativity, self-esteem and confidence.


Our Art and Design curriculum engages and inspires children. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and take ownership of their creativity. We provide our children with a high quality arts curriculum with range and depth. We encourage children to create art work with a real purpose, displaying and sharing their work and celebrating their skills and progress. Children will practise a range of techniques over a school year, focussing on a key artist or pieces of artwork and use their knowledge to understand the processes or techniques used. Through repetition of practising techniques and ideas, the children become equipped and confident to create and develop their own artwork, embedding an enriched knowledge of skills, techniques and vocabulary.


Children will meet the National Curriculum expectations in Art & Design. They will learn the significance of art and artists worldwide in history up to the present day, which reflects and shapes their individual community and global identity. At the very least, as mentioned above, we hope that our children develop and celebrate an enjoyment of the visual arts, and that some go on to succeed as artists and designers making a positive contribution to society.