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Our school is a reading rih environment, promoting a love of literature through a diverse reading diet. We aim for our children to become life-long, enthusiastic readers; with a knowledge of a wide range of authors and genres. Children are encouraged to question what they read, enquire about new words and make links and comparisons between what they read.


They start their journey by becoming confident de-coders using synthetic phonics. Fidelity to ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics scheme ensures precise coverage. Once these phonics skills are embedded, our children are encouraged to read for enjoyment individually, in groups and as a class. They are also helped to see the importance of reading as a way of acquiring new knowledge, learning and discovering. We develop comprehension skills and an appreciation of vocabulary through the provision of a varied range of literature.



We recognise the importance of generating an interest in writing, and are therefore committed to exciting our writers through cross-curricular links and imaginative learning projects. Linking writing to our topic-based approach to learning provides the opportunity for our children to write for a purpose, with an audience in mind. It also allows us to revisit genres, providing opportunities to embed and deepen knowledge and making connections between learning. Through repetition and developing this cross curricular approach, we support long term memory to develop links in the concepts we learn. In recognition of the significance of reading upon writing outcomes, we use the very best authors and poets as our inspiration and role models.


We encourage the children to be writers who recognise the key features of different styles, plan thoroughly and rehearse their ideas verbally. They have the opportunity to write at length and address many different genres. The writing process is used as the time to embed new learning in the fundamental skills of spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as being an opportunity to develop not only their understanding of a rich and varied vocabulary, but also their ability to apply this appropriately and achieve the desired impact. Opportunities for children to proof-read and edit their writing are integral to the writing process. The value of this stage in the writing process is highlighted to the children and is supported through quality feedback.