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Our teacher is Mrs Paylor, who guides our family of Owls to grow as individuals and as a team.  Mrs Thompson, Mrs Beswick and Mrs Davies also support us on our learning journey.


Years 2 and 3 are the perfect time to develop the skills we already have and learn new ones too!  We celebrate our individual talents, encourage one another to try our best and are always there to lend a helping hand and put a smile on someone’s face.  We are excited to become more independent with our learning and be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Whether we are working hard in Maths or Religious Education, Music or English, we always strive to try our best and support each other.


We have PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoons so please make sure that, your child has both indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.  Please ensure that earrings are removed on PE days, as jewellery must not be worn for PE.




We know parents are always very keen to support their children at home and we hope this information will be helpful in supporting you to do this.  Homework is an essential part of being a successful learner in life.  At school, we value it as it helps our children to practise and perfect their skills, as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding through regular short bursts of repetitive tasks.  It also gives you as parents an idea of what your child is learning about in school.


Children are expected to read with an adult for 5-10 minutes most nights.  In order to help them become more fluent, it is essential that they re-read a book several times, read it aloud and are encouraged to use punctuation and expression.  Please sign your child’s reading record book, giving details of pages read and how you have read and discussed the story together.  If you have any concerns, please speak to Mrs Paylor or put a note in your child’s reading record.


Children will receive new spellings on Monday to be tested the following Monday; please encourage your child to complete the spelling activities set on ‘The Spelling Shed’ (see the links below).


We also encourage children to practice their Times Tables, we do this by using ‘Times Tables Rock Stars, which is a  fantastic online way to develop knowledge of times tables and division facts that are  essential to access many mathematical concepts. When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations (see link below).


We also set a list of creative homework tasks linked to our topic, which runs for the half-term. These homework tasks are all designed to enhance your child’s learning in school each term.  Children will earn points for each task completed; those who earn the required amount of points for the term will be awarded a Head Teacher’s Star and also have their work celebrated and shared with the class.  Please support your child to complete the tasks to the very best of their ability.


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