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Inspire • Enrich • Enjoy • Succeed


Enabling our children to develop an appreciation and love of music underpins our intent for teaching and learning within this subject. We recognise the value of music as part of our broad, balanced and rich school curriculum. Through wide exposure to different musical styles, musicians and instruments, we hope to enrich children’s experiences and inspire them develop and follow an interest. We view music as a powerful tool in supporting children’s health, well-being and providing a means for expressing themselves. Music develops creative imagination as well as knowledge and skills, through singing, listening and composing. At STW, it is our firm belief that we should enhance and enrich all children’s learning; we are all committed to the arts curriculum. Music has its own rightful place as a subject but may also be linked to our learning journeys.


Music teaching in our school increases a child’s self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. It enables every child to take part, succeed and, most importantly, enjoy what they are doing. To that end, we invested in Charanga Musical School Units of Work, which permit our children to understand musical concepts through a repetition-based approach to learning. Learning about the same musical concept through different musical activities enables a more secure, deeper learning and mastery of musical knowledge, skills and an understanding of the rich and varied vocabulary related to music.

To provide purpose, we hold fabulous concerts and productions for parents and carers, for the children to showcase their many talents.