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At STW, our Science Curriculum aims to provide pupils with a wide range of memorable and meaningful experiences, to develop their scientific knowledge and create opportunities, which enable them to engage their inquisitive minds and investigative skills as they progress through the curriculum. We encourage pupils to utilise and question what they know and to learn by developing their critical thinking skills. We want our pupils to establish an appreciation of science within our community, by engaging with the local environment, and with the wider world, understanding how science has shaped the world we live in and how it impacts on many aspects of our daily lives. We want to inspire our pupils to become carers of our planet by highlighting environmental issues and understanding our roles in addressing these global matters. Wherever possible, we aim to create ‘real-life’ links with Science.


Our curriculum planning ensures a repetition-based approach through which children can develop a more secure, deeper learning and mastery of knowledge and skills, working scientifically is embedded throughout the content of the three subject disciplines: biology, physics and chemistry.