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Adventures at Bewerley Park

Report by Jennifer and Olivia...

On Tuesdays, Years 5 and 6 have been visiting Bewerley Park to do fun activities.  Last week, we went canoeing.  We went to a big lake with an island in the middle.  First we had to lift and move all of  the canoes.  Once we had finished moving them, we got a big wooden pole and strapped it  between two canoes to join them together.  Then we got two canoes in the water,  waded in with our paddles and got in our seats.  Once we were ready, we set off.  We had to do a 'driving test' to see how good we were on the water.  We all did really well and got told to go further and reach the other side of the island.  When we got there, we found a sheltered spot and we had to get up and dance in the canoes!  It was very wobbly but nobody fell in.  We had some races and a competition to collect balls which were thrown in the water.  It was really good fun!