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Climate Change Awareness Day

Today the children across our schools spent a special day learning about the impact of climate change on our planet. Each class participated in discussions and activities.


Red Kites - 'For our first activity today, we chose an aspect of climate change, such as deforestation, renewable energy and melting ice-caps. We researched more information and made fact posters. After break we used a website to work out Carbon footprints. We compared the lives of 3 characters to see who had the least effect on Climate change. In the afternoon we started to make stop motion animation films to show our 'Planet Pledge' We had great fun and everyone worked really hard. We still need a little more time to finish the films though.'


Owls - 'We have had a fun filled day today learning all about climate change and what we can do to help our planet. In Owls class we have been focussing on renewable energy and designing our own towns thinking about how nature and renewable energy can help. The children enjoyed explaining their ideas to the rest of the class.'


Sunflowers - 'Climate change awareness day has been focused on how climate change is effecting polar bears in respect of ice melting and there being less food for them to eat. We enjoyed a recycling hunt and sorting game in the playground, creating polar bears and Stop the Climate Change posters, and playing a polar bear shuffle game. The children were all amazing and really thought about how and what we can do to help look after the environment and make our world better for the polar bears.'